Some of the traits you may have if you are highly intuitive.

7 Signs You Are Highly Intuitive

People who are highly intuitive are often accused of being “too sensitive”. What they really are is highly aware. Here are some of the signs that you are one of them.

Do You Have These Highly Intuitive Traits?

Even if you don't notice them, people around you probably do. They are the types of things that happen to everybody but not so often as it does to you.

The 7 signs that you are probably a highly intuitive person.

You Always Get a Good Parking Spot

This may seem trivial, but it's one of the most common ways intuition works for you. Not only does it work when you're driving, but this same phenomenon happens when you wish for small things and you run across them without expecting to.

You probably get good tables at a restaurant, as if by magic. And maybe, while you're at the restaurant, there's a problem with your food and you end up getting your meal for free. Then the friend your dining with gives you an unexpected gift.

Okay, maybe not all of those things at the same time. But it's not out of the realm of possibility. These acts of serendipity (or synchronicity as it's commonly called, thanks to Carl Jung) are a sign that your intuition is open for business.

Strangers Tell You Their Life Story

Are you one of those people who the stranger at the bus stop tells their secrets to? That's because the can sense that you are tuned into your intuition. On some level they understand that you will “get” them when other people don't.

It doesn't have to be strangers, either. You're the one in a group of friends who everyone tells their problems to. It can, and often does, get tricky when one friend's problem has to do with another friend in the group.

Highly intuitive people are natural mediators. They can see the big picture and how all the pieces of a relationship puzzle go together. Your friends instictively know that.

You Finish Other People's Sentences

If you finish somebody else's sentence before they do, especially if it's someone you don't know, you are highly intuitive. I think it's the part of intuition that picks up patterns and instantly sorts people into a type, and that type usually has a certain speech pattern.

Obviously people do it all the time with those close to them, but when you can do it while having a casual conversation in the check-out line, that's something extra. I think being highly sensitive is akin to being a mentalist, except that the skill developed unconsciously.

You Think of Someone and They Contact You

Yes, this is something that happens to most people every now and then, but when it happens so regularly that you're not surprised by it, you are probably highly intuitive. When it gets to the place that you can sense a friend thinking about you so hard that you contact them first and ask them what's up, then you know you're plugged in to the superconscious.

You Take Risks That Others Think Are Foolish

Have you ever gone someplace that your friends think is dangerous but you go anyway and have no problems? You are able to take risks like this because your intuition can tell you where to be and when. It's constantly taking in your surroundings and that allows you to move around almost unseen

How about taking a class that looks pointless to your family but years later it turns out to be just what you needed? This is where your intuition is looking at the big picture of your life and seeing into the future. This is what futurists do, but you're doing it on a much smaller scale – intuitively.

It can be difficult for highly sensitive people because they are more likely to trust taking a risk without thinking too much about it. They can then take a risk that doesn't turn out so well. Even psychics need to use their common sense.

You Have a Great Imagination

If you've managed to hold onto this trait as an adult, good for you! As a child those around you made a point of saying how imaginative you were and were delighted by it (usually). As an adult you probably get told how “creative” you are.

Imagination is the sweet spot where your conscious and unconscious minds meet. Intuition loves to present information in the form of pictures and stories. When you're imagining something you are tossing ideas back and forth between logic and the creative urge.

Highly intuitive people are particularly skilled at doing this. As with all of these traits, you may be so used to being imaginative that it's like a reflex. It doesn't take much effort and you may think everybody's like this. Until you stop and think about it. Non-imaginative people stick out to you.

You Just Know Stuff

When you are able to pull things out of thin air to answer a question, and you're not sure how you know, you're highly intuitive. It's possible that you're someone who can't stop consuming new information all the time. But you still need your intuition to filter through it all and come up with the answer on the spot.

If you just know the answers to things and you don't know why, you're probably highly intuitive.

What Is Intuition, Anyway?

I believe that intuition is the unconscious repository of all of the information your body picks up as it goes through life. People vastly underestimate how genius their bodies are.

What is called intuition is a combination of having this stored knowledge and having access to filters that translate, combine and refine this knowledge. That's what wisdom is – the ability to filter and communicate all of the data your body receives.

I go into more detail in this blog post.

The Shadow Side of These Traits

If you're highly intuitive and not really aware of it and what causes it, it can lead to fear and anxiety. It's basically too much of a good thing. For example, the trait of imagination can amplify fear, anxiety and any other negative feelings you're having.

Finishing other people's sentences can get on people's nerves. You can get in the habit of putting words in people's mouths and that wasn't what they meant to say at all. This will get you in trouble in group therapy.

As mentioned, taking risks can become a habit, too, or even an addiction to the adrenaline rush.

When you're highly intuitive it's easy to go on automatic and let your intuition do the driving. That's not always a good idea. You may start to think you know everything and that's just annoying.

Are You Highly Intuitive?

I don't have a fancy quiz for you to take, but if you can relate to everything I said here then congratulations! you are the proud owner of a highly intuitive organism.

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