I Put the Little in “A Little Mystical”

Hi, I’m Gretchen Little, and I use my mystical skills to motivate and inspire people to get to where they want to go in life.

How I Can Help You

I'm good at helping people trust their intuition and therefore, trusting themselves. Motivation and inspiration are my other specialties.

Pertinent Skills

I’m really good at seeing people as they truly are, communicating with the unseen realms (as Colette Baron-Reid calls them), unblocking people, and getting straight to the point.

My History as an Intuitive

I’ve been intuitive to various degrees my entire life.  I started getting messages from the Dearly Departed twenty years ago, when I turned 40.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve done readings as a medium at Camp Chesterfield, Sunset Spiritualist Camp, and various expos around eastern Iowa. I have a space within Illuminations Center for Enlightenment in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I also teach metaphysical classes.

What I Like Doing the Most

I keep coming back to doing readings in a way that helps people who are blocked in some way figure out their next steps.  Lately, I’ve really liked using Lenormand cards in my readings because they are very direct.

Random Bits of Info

  • I won the Bill Riley Talent show at the local county fair playing the piano.  (It’s an Iowa thing.)
  • I love the Badlands of South Dakota.
  • I had a well-known psychic fall asleep while doing a reading for me.
  • I live in the house my great-grandparents built in 1899.
  • I have a B.A. in Art and English from Cornell College (Mt. Vernon, not Ithaca).
  • I'm a licensed massage therapist.
  • I helped my mom take care of my dad at home while he had dementia for several years.
  • I have two cats.
  • I've been storm chasing in the Southern Plains.
  • I love the Great British Baking Show.
  • My family's business was making gravestones.
  • I come from a line of incorrigible punsters. (I got that phrase from a rubber stamp I bought.)