Abundance Affirmations from scratch.

Abundance Affirmations: Create Your Own

There are tons of ready-made affirmations for prosperity out there that you can use. But if you don't know what's blocking your path to abundance in the first place, what you pick at random may not be the most effective. Here are some tips for creating an affirmation that will follow the path of least resistance.

Your Personal Affirmation of Abundance

You can read about my general method of working with affirmations here. In this post, I want to help you pinpoint exactly what beliefs you need to reprogram in order to bring more prosperity into your life.

Other people's affirmations not working for you?  Here are some tips for creating your own.
What does abundance mean to you?

What Abundance Means

Usually, people want to start doing abundance affirmations because they need more money. That's good, but really abundance means a lot of anything, good or bad. So you have to be specific about what it is you're trying to attract a lot of.

That's the first thing to examine, then. What do you have an abundance of already? On the plus side is it family, friends, and fun experiences? On the negative side is it debt, anger, or car repairs? Think about that when you are deciding to work on your “abundance”.

What You Really Want

This is the hard part of this exercise where I'm going to ask you to think. Maybe you're someone who likes to work things out in your head, but I know that when I'm doing a web search for something like “abundance” I really just want somebody to give me a guaranteed formula.

What is it that you really want when you are looking for abundance? Here's a list of ideas:

Some form of money is probably at the top of the list. You want:

  • to pay off your student loan, mortgage, or credit card debt.
  • to go on a nice vacation.
  • pay for your kid's education.
  • not have to worry about money at all.

Or maybe it's relationships you're after. You want:

  • to attract loving people into your life.
  • a happy, healthy family.
  • to meet many new people.
  • to attract a lot of customers/clients

Abundance can be about anything, from getting the latest collectible to something more abstract like happiness.

Happiness Is What It's All About

I Am Happy is the most basic affirmation there is.

In the end, anyone who is seeking abundance is ultimately looking for happiness. At this point, you could work with affirmations around happiness. I believe that simple is best, so try saying “I Am Happy” to yourself a few times a day for a month and see what happens.

That could be all you need to open the doors to all kinds of abundance. It's unfortunate, but the world responds more quickly to happy people than unhappy people. In order for abundance to flow these doors need to open.

I'm not going to go into the possible reasons why you would want to stay unhappy here, but I will say that I get you. Just the thought of being happy triggers some people negatively. Proceed cautiously with rewiring your brain. You might need extra support.

A Challenge

Try working with the “I Am Happy” affirmation for a week and then try listening to this abundance affirmation video every day for a week and see which one works better. It may be that recorded affirmations work for you.

Writing an Abundance Affirmation

If you want to bypass the seeking happiness aspect of this and go after that new car or world peace or whatever it is that you want, this is how you do it.

1. Choose What You Want

Decide which of the things you want an abundance of. Remember to think in quantity. Pretend that there is a great universal warehouse club where you can go get the thing you want in bulk.

However, you probably don't want multiples of the same vehicle, if that's what you're after. In this case, what you want in bulk are things like satisfaction, prestige, happiness, gas mileage, etc.

You can mull over all of your choices, but I would go with the first thing that comes to mind. That's your intuition telling you what's important and needs to be resolved one way or another. You either need to get it or get over wanting it.

2. Define Quality

It's normal to want the best of the best, but you're going to get better results if you don't pick something that you unconsciously think is out of your league. If you want to go after something that seems wildly beyond your ability to manifest then it will take longer.

It's the same as setting any kind of goal. Pick something that is a little bit out of your reach so that you can get it faster. Affirmations have a cumulative effect. The more you succeed with them, the easier it is for them to work in the future.

If you really have to have the ultimate version of the thing that you want ask yourself why. Why does it have to be at the top of the top? What does that get you? Work on getting an abundance of that instead.

3. Drop Perfection

Take perfectionism out of doing affirmations.

I notice many examples of affirmations have an underlying message of expecting perfection. That's not necessary. You'll never get what you want if you expect it to be perfect. Perfect is in the eyes of the beholder.

If you want to see how much perfectionism stops you in your tracks, try saying “I am perfect” as an affirmation. Can you feel the resistance instantly raise its head? If you have evolved to the point where you can say that without having a negative reaction, then you need to teach the rest of us how to be like you.

Stop a minute and think about what it's like to have an abundance of X if it doesn't have perfection attached to it. Does that change how you feel about it? If it makes you feel less interested in it, then go back to working with “I am happy” for a while.

4. Structure

It's generally thought that the present tense is how you should structure an affirmation. It's supposed to convince your subconscious mind, which apparently has no sense of reality, that the change you want has already happened.

That then activates the parts of your brain that start seeking the thing so that you notice opportunities more. Things also seem to be drawn to you, but a lot of it is your amazing brain lining things up.

I agree with what is said in this article, 3 Common Affirmation Myths. Saying things in the present tense that aren't real will bring up a lot of resistance. So breaking your goal up into it's simplest form is how you can get around that.

With the I Am Happy example this part of your brain that seeks affirmation for the truth of that statement can usually find something to validate it, however small. For instance, even if I'm having a down day but I'm drinking a cup of tea, I'm happy about that cup of tea.

The author of 3 Common Affirmation Myths suggests saying things in the future tense. I see her point but that doesn't work for me, either, because it just keeps pushing things into the future. The past is too big of a stretch for my imagination. So present tense it is.

Think Outside the Box

I ran across this article that says that affirmations such as I Am Happy “are too vague to be understood by your subconscious”. I disagree. I stand by my theory that the simpler the better. It has worked for me.

I've been learning about affirmations for thirty years. Most of what I've seen about using them is a recycling of the writings of Louise Hay and Esther Hicks and, no disrespect to either one of them, their methods just don't work for me. These are some of the workarounds I've learned along the way.

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