Use crystals to boost your affirmations.

Crystal Affirmations

Using affirmations is a great way to reprogram your brain to think more positively. Crystals are used to recalibrate your vibration. Put them together and you have a powerful way to get past the hurdles in your life.

Affirmations + Crystals to Amp Up Your Life

As I said in my article about creating your own abundance affirmations, I'm all about keeping things simple and to the point. I think it's more effective to assign your own meaning to things as well.

That means you won't find a list of prewritten affirmations here. It's more important to me that you have an understanding of what you want from both working with crystals and doing affirmations.

Pairing an amethyst with an affirmation like "I can think clearly" will add more power.

Crystals Are Amplifiers

Crystals are great at magnifying intentions. They can be programmed to broadcast an affirmation. Different crystals fit different types of affirmations. Rose quartz is on the unconditional love frequency so that's the type of crystal you would use with an affirmation for love.

What Do You Want?

Maybe you already have an affirmation in mind that you want to use. If you're starting from scratch I recommend reading Affirmations 101 first. I think it's good to know what's at the bottom of why you want to work with a certain affirmation.

Most of the time it all boils down to security and happiness. You could just use “I'm okay” and “I am happy” with some rose quartz, which would get you most of what you want.

Choosing Your Crystals

Once you've decided on the affirmation you want to use then it's time to pick a crystal to amplify it. An all-purpose crystal is a clear quartz. It powerfully boosts any intention.

Here is a short list of different crystals and the types of affirmations you could use them for.

Crystal1Affirmation Topics
AmethystIntuition, Clarity, Wisdom
Rose QuartzLove, Comfort, Nurturing
Amber2Empowerment, Happiness
Lapis LazuliAuthority, Spiritual Growth
Natural Citrine3Purpose, Knowing Your Self
SodalitePractical Wisdom, Organization
CarnelianCreativity, Intimacy
MalachiteProsperity, Wealth
MoldaviteTransformation, Rapid Change
TurquoiseForgiveness, Compassion
JadeHealth, Vitality
LabradoriteMagic, Adventure
MoonstoneWomen's Issues, Divine Feminine

See The Pocket Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by Robert Simmons for more information about the metaphysical meanings of all of these crystals.

1 I'm using the word crystal to represent minerals, semiprecious stones, and other rock-like things you find in a crystal shop, even though technically they aren't all crystals.

2 Amber isn't a mineral at all but a fossilized resin from ancient plant life.

3 The bright yellow citrine that is readily available is purple amethyst that's been heat treated to turn that sunshine yellow. Natural citrine is smoky with a slight yellow tinge.

Programming a Crystal

You want to consciously program the crystal. It's like recording a guided meditation for yourself to play over and over again in the background. Once you've set your crystal energetically to radiate the affirmation on repeat, you'll benefit just from having it around.

Programming also keeps the stone focused on the affirmation. Otherwise, it can be amplifying whatever thoughts or emotions are in the area where it's at. That's why cleansing crystals is important.

Combining Crystals and Affirmations, Step-by-Step

  1. Clear the crystal.

    This is exactly like wiping clean a hard drive so that there's no data left on it. You can use your mind by imagining it being cleansed by sitting in any of the elements such as water or fire. You could physically do any of these things but there is the potential for damaging the stone, especially with direct exposure to water and fire.

    You could use a pendulum for clearing all sorts of things, not just stones. If you do that you could also get confirmation from the pendulum that you have, in fact, cleared the crystal. Joan Rose Staffen has a free video workshop to learn how to use one.

  2. Program the crystal.

    As with clearing, using your mind to imagine your affirmation being imprinted into the crystal is the easiest way to go. This can take a minute or be a detailed 20-minute visualization.

    Here are some other ideas:

    Write your affirmation until it covers a piece of paper and wrap your crystal in it, then leave it for however long you like. You could just leave it like that until you no longer need to use that affirmation.

    Hold the crystal and say the affirmation several times into it. If you're into numerology or number magic you could coordinate the number of repetitions to match those systems.

    Place the crystal on an image of what you want to affirm, or make a vision board. You could just leave the crystal there or, if you carry it with you during the day, put it back on the image at night.

  3. Keep the crystal nearby.

    Technically you could program the crystal and forget about it and it would still amplify the affirmation. However, if you want to really add some juice to it, carry it with you or keep it where you see it often.

  4. Take Action.

    It's important to take action towards what you want to happen. If it's happiness you want you can notice times throughout the day when you are happy.

    If it's a vacation that's out of reach, brainstorm ways that you could raise the money to go and take the steps to do one, no matter how small the step. Keep an open mind and allow for unexpected assistance to come your way. That's where the crystal and affirmation can do their work.

  5. Be patient.

    I know. It sucks. But that's the key piece of all of this, to not try to force things to happen. It's paradoxical that you have to walk the line between taking action to get the things you want but also stepping back and allowing the unexpected to occur. It's really a challenge for us control freaks.

Don't Use Protection Crystals for Affirmations

Stones like black obsidian, hematite, and black tourmaline are generally used to absorb energy and ground it. That's why they're used as protection stones. They act as receivers rather than transmitters.

It would be a great idea, however, to use one of these absorbent crystals in tandem with your affirmation crystals to help remove any resistance you have to the new reality you're trying to create. Just don't try to program them with an affirmation to broadcast. You might find yourself face-to-face with what's blocking you instead.

Black Obsidian is a strong and absorbent stone that will highlight whatever truth you are needing to see in your life.

6 of the Best Crystals for Protection,

Affirmations and Crystal Jewelry

Although carrying crystals in a pocket or bra is popular, to me it makes more sense to wear a piece of jewelry. A ring or pendant has more gravitas than a tumbled stone in the bottom of a purse. It's also more of a commitment to what you're trying to affirm based on how much you paid for it.

That Extra Boost

If you've been working with an affirmation for a while and not getting anywhere, try adding a crystal to it for an extra push. You'll either get to your goal faster, or you'll see what the block is sooner and be able to change course accordingly.

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