The How to Make Money Oracle Card Spread

While using oracle cards to figure out how to make money may seem far fetched, it's something to try if you've been running into income dead ends and can't figure out why. Here is an oracle card spread to help you understand what kind of work you're most aligned with and therefore the most likely to make money at.

Unconscious Blocks to Making Money

What blocks you from making money?

There are a lot of people who decide on a way to make money and then just can’t seem to get it off the ground. Have you ever thought about starting a blog because you like to write and then you can’t seem to make yourself do it? Oracle cards can show you why.

Deciding a Direction to Go In

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. Using this oracle card spread can show you which direction to go in that will align your conscious and unconscious minds.

Which Cards to Use

There are so many choices of oracle cards. It’s hard to have just one deck once you get into them. My go-to cards are a Lenormand deck. Lenormand cards are somewhat like Tarot in that they have a certain structure, but they are very straightforward and to the point.

It’s not that there can’t be layers of meaning like Tarot, but they usually just mean what they’re symbols for normally. A clover means luck, for example. This makes them more accurate, too.

It all depends on what you want to use them for. If you want to float out into the spiritual dimensions then find a deck that feels very high vibration, like an angel deck. If want to take a deep dive into all the parts of your soul, try Tarot. For practical advice, try Lenormand.

Which oracle deck should you use?

Card Reading Basics

If you’ve never read cards before here is a brief explanation to get you started. These are the steps to reading cards:

  1. Formulate your question. Since you’re using this spread, use something like “How can I make money right now?”
  2. Think about the question while you’re shuffling your cards. There are a lot of rules about how to shuffle the cards and how you should clear their energy first. That’s for people who are not as strong-willed as I am. I let my intuition shuffle the cards however it wants to. In other words, whatever I feel like.
  3. Lay the cards out in the formation below. Not only does the card have a meaning, but the position it’s in has one, too. It’s up to you to synthesize them.
  4. Interpret the cards.

The “How to Make Money” Oracle Card Spread

The five card positions and their meanings for the How to Make Money Oracle Card Spread.
  1. Where You’re At in Your Life
  2. How You Want to Serve People
  3. What Your Unconscious Blocks Are
  4. The Best Direction to Go in Right Now
  5. Your First Action Step

The Card Positions Explained

Card #1: Where You’re At in Your Life

A marker illustrating where you're at in life.

The card in this position gives you an overall picture of your current situation. If you are looking for information about how to make money you may be feeling like it’s kind of bleak. The card you get may reflect that, or it may surprise you with a more positive card. Either way, this is an opportunity for you to share your experience with people who might want to pay you for it.

Card #2: How You Want to Serve People

A friendly purple person waiting to help you.

Piggybacking on the previous card, this card shows you, in your heart, how you want to help people. Manifesting money is easier when you choose the path of least resistance. If you can tap into what makes you tick you can use that to motivate you to help people (or a cause or a situation).

If you’re coming from your heart, income is more likely to follow. But more importantly, it will be something you actually want to do.

Card #3: What Your Unconscious Blocks Are


This is what’s keeping you from moving forward. You’ll have to find a way to get past the block or blocks. You could use a separate card spread to get more information about that.

Card #4: The Best Direction to Go In Right Now

A roundabout.  Choose a direction.

This card gives you an overview of the best direction to choose to go in. It’s coming from a big picture viewpoint. The endpoint is something that will be most in alignment with where you’re at right now. This includes your blocks. Once you remove the blocks, your path will recalibrate.

Card #5: Your First Action Step Towards Making Money


This is the practical card in the spread. Go with your first thought with this card. For instance, let’s say you get the Scythe card which stands for a swift cut of something. You instantly think of five internet subscriptions that are wasting your time. Stopping those subscriptions is your first step.

As you can see from this example, it may not seem like the most direct step to making money. (Although it kind of is, right?) You could then keep pulling a card to see what the next step and the next step is. Use this card as inspiration, though, to pull out the actions from what’s already in your mind.

Sample Reading

Card #1 – Where You’re at in Your Life

Fish – Prosperity
A Lenormand Fish card that indicates abundance.

This is one of those contradictory cards. You may be using this spread because you feel like you don’t have enough prosperity. What this card’s message is, then, is to look carefully at where there IS abundance in your life. This is something you could share with other people.

Card #2 – How you Want to Serve People

Book – Knowledge
The Book card in the Lenormand deck.

If you pulled this card then you have a lot of knowledge either in a specific arena. Or maybe you’re one of those people like me with a mind like an encyclopedia. This card tells you that you really like sharing what you know. Maybe too much with people who aren’t receptive to it. (I see you, friend.) If that’s the case, this card is telling you to make an effort to find the people who want the knowledge you have.

Card #3 – What Your Unconscious Blocks Are

Moon – Dreams

In Tarot cards, the Moon card can sometimes be seen as a negative card, but that’s not the case with Lenormand cards. It’s interesting that this card is placed in this position because it represents the unconscious itself. It’s the place where your dreams, imagination, and creativity are. Clearly, it means that, in a zen koan kind of way, your unconscious block is that you’re blocking your unconscious! Life has a way of making us clamp down on our creativity. It’s time to free it back up.

Card #4 – The Best Direction to Go in Right Now

Clouds – Doubts
The Cloud card shows that you're letting your doubts get the best of you.

Another card where you have to dig deeper to understand what it’s trying to tell you. Taking the information you’ve gathered so far from this reading, this card says you have to confront your doubts and go past them. The clouds card shows the sun coming out from behind a storm. Your doubts are the storm. Even though they’re intense, the clarity you need comes after the storm passes.

This is also a clue about how to help other people. Once you have experience seeing your way through your doubts, you can help other people do that, too.

Card #5 – Your First Action Step Towards Making Money

Park – Community
The Park card indicates that the first thing that will bring you closer to making money is building your community.

This card couldn’t be more obvious. Take all of the pieces of advice you’ve gathered in this reading and go find the communities that could benefit from it. Share your knowledge. Join communities where people are recovering their creativity. Find a support group for people who are mired in doubt.

And, if you get too overwhelmed with any of this, go spend some time in a park. The Lenormand cards are that direct sometimes.

Questions About Using Oracle Cards?

Questions and answers about using oracle cards.
What are oracle cards?

Oracle cards are cards made for the purpose of using imagery to help you see things you aren’t aware of. This can be something such as the hidden beliefs you have or possible outcomes if you make a certain decision.

What’s the difference between Tarot cards and oracle cards?

Tarot cards are a form of oracle card, but not all oracle cards are Tarot cards. Tarot cards follow a specific system while oracle cards can be anything the creator wants them to be.

Will the cards really help me make money?

Yes, they can help you see what you need to do. But they don’t magically make money for you. They fill the function of an advisor. You take what parts of the advice works for you and discard the rest.

Will the cards tell me exactly what to do?

Sometimes. But you have to know how to interpret them. A lot also depends on how clear your intention is. Even more important is what kind of question you ask. I don’t recommend making a decision based on an oracle card reading alone.

Will using the cards make me crazy?

The cards will show you things about yourself that may have been hidden for a long time. The symbology in them works on deep levels of consciousness. Sometimes you can accidentally open up more than you intended and then not know how to deal with it. Bringing common sense to a card reading is the best thing you can do to avoid that.

Are the cards evil?

No. They are mirrors of you. If you find evil in the cards then that’s an unhealed, likely traumatized, part of your personality. That’s when you get the help of a mental health professional (which I am not).

In Summary

An oracle card reading won’t tell you exactly which job to apply for or exactly what task to do to bring in immediate income. At least not in the way most people expect. Think about it, though. Advice coming from anywhere is rarely that simple.

On the other hand, if you think of something concrete to do as a result of thinking about what each card means, do it. Most of the time the answers you need are already in your head somewhere. It just takes the right trigger to get to them. Oracle cards are great for that.

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