Learn what intuition is and how to start working with it.

How to Work With Your Intuition

Working with your intuition is a way to tap into your soul. It will help you follow your inner compass and be less influenced by the world around you.

Working With Intuition

Although intuition can seem mysterious and random, learning how to work with your intuition will help it become a more reliable guide. It takes regular practice, but it is also fun. You'll be amazed at what you know.

Where Is Intuition Located?

It's not very clear, at first, what part of your body your intuition is coming from. Is it a gut feeling, or is it from your head? Maybe you've heard of the mystical Third Eye, located in the middle of your forehead.

Intuition can come from many places in your body, not just the head and gut. Your hands and your feet are also super sensitive and are constantly gathering information.

Our hands also have very sensitive “antennae” for receiving information from the environment: There are a total of 17,000 touch receptors and free nerve endings in the palm. 

Informed Health.org, National Library of Medicine Bookshelf

Your skin is another big receiver of information. It's the biggest organ in the body. Subtle differences in temperature, pressure, and vibration are all registered by the skin. Those are physical sensations that feed into your intuition.

The bones in the skeleton also pick up vibration. That means your bones also are a part of your intuition. The skull is particularly sensitive around the ears. The teeth amplify vibrations.

It doesn't stop there. Every part of your body has its way of gathering info, from the bacteria in your gut to your organs.

It's very limiting to think that there are only five senses. The sixth sense is the generalized term for all of these various sensing parts of the body.

Scientists have measured the amount of data that enter the brain and found that an average person living today processes as much as 74 GB in information a day (that is as much as watching 16 movies), through TV, computers, cell phones, tablets, billboards, and many other gadgets. Every year it is about 5% more than the previous year.

Too Much Information, Too Little Time: How the Brain Separates Important from Unimportant Things in Our Fast-Paced Media World, https://kids.frontiersin.org

Intuitive Filters

This thing that's called intuition is not the intuition itself, but the filters a person has developed (or just been born with, i.e. “talent”) to interpret this information that is beyond their conscious awareness. It's basically like using a search engine.

These filters are like musical instruments through which the information is played. The various intuitive tools and practices teach you how to play these “instruments”.

This can get very complex because there are more types of filters than a person normally needs. They are influenced by what somebody learns consciously from the world around them. Therefore, each filter will be a little bit different than somebody else's.

Religions are designed to teach specific filters. Family beliefs passed down from generation to generation are filters.

Developing Intuitive Filters

The main point of working with your intuition is to be able to access information that's not readily available to your conscious mind. You may have been drawn to it because it seems supernatural and spooky. If that's the case you're grown up in a society that doesn't encourage accessing all that you're capable of.

To "work" with intuition means consciously discovering and developing which filters work for you, and deciding what kind of information you want to focus on.

5 Filters You Can Use With Your Intuition

Here are 5 standard ways that are usually brought up when people talk about using their intuition. What you're doing is putting filters in place and practicing them so that they automatically work without you thinking about it.

  • Meditation. This is the #1 way that people suggest for learning how to be extrasensory. Mindfulness Meditation is a way to filter your mind. This type of meditation teaches you to stop paying attention to mental input that keeps you from being aware of messages coming in from your intuition.
  • Tarot or Oracle Cards. Divination cards such as Lenormand Cards pull together lots of different bits of information in a visual form. Intuition talks in pictures more easily than words. Reading oracle cards requires interpretation on the part of your conscious brain.
  • Pendulum. With a pendulum, you can sidestep your conscious awareness and get messages directly from your intuition. Consciously choosing which questions to ask the pendulum acts as the filter.
  • Journaling. Any kind of writing can act as a filter for your intuition, but journaling prompts add another layer to the filtering process. It can be hard to separate your thinking from what your intuition is trying to tell you, however.
  • Conversation. Have you ever been talking to a friend and been surprised by the wise words coming out of your mouth? This is your intuition coming to the surface. Recognize those moments as intuition and that will reinforce your ability to access it.

There are a lot of ways to tap into your intuition. The list above is just a few of them. If you've never tried to train your intuition before, start with meditation. It's the foundation you need to get into the right state of awareness.

Signs That Your Intuition is Working

Your intuition can feel very ordinary when you first start actively developing it. You may have occasional thrills up your spine or feelings of awe, but usually, it's not that dramatic. You'll begin to see that you've been using your intuition all along.

At first, it can feel like you're just imagining everything. You are meditating and the answer to a problem you've been trying to figure out for a long time suddenly pops in your head. The same can happen with journaling. You think it's nothing because you've done it before.

As you start to believe that it's your intuition, it will become more powerful but also even more ordinary. Other people will notice that you seem to have magical coincidences all the time, but it will just be regular life for you.

It's a paradox. Being highly intuitive seems supernatural but it's really about changing your focus so that you can understand what's most important to you and make decisions accordingly.

Imagination and Intuition

Imagination and intuition go hand-in-hand. We're taught to downplay our imagination once we get to a certain age. However, you'll have an easier time listening to your intuition if you let your imagination help you. Stop downplaying imagination and trust that it has some information for you.

Working With Intuition Is About Getting Answers

In the end, the primary reason anyone wants to use their intuition is to get answers to questions or solutions to problems they can't get using everyday methods. We all have a wealth of information stored away in our brains and bodies waiting to be accessed. You can train yourself to do that.

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