A vision board for a trip to see the northern lights in Iceland.

Mystical Vision Board Ideas

Vision boards are collages of words and images that represent your goals. They can be used for all sorts of things from general to specific. You can make one to generally make more money, or another one to manifest a magical trip to Ireland.

Create a Mystical Vision Board

There are many ways to create a vision board. This article is about working with mystical images to add extra oomph to your goals.

Instead of adding a photo of a crystal to a board about finding a new home as one of many random images, this is about deliberately thinking about the meaning of the crystal and centering the rest of the collage around it.

Another powerful way to make a vision board mystical is to start with a divine being in the center and then make the collage around them. It could be an angel, a saint, a god or goddess, whoever you revere and whose purpose is connected with your goal.

Make a vision board mystical by focusing on a divine being or a magical object.
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Now let's get into how you put a vision board together.

Different Ways to Construct a Vision Board

The original method was to cut photos and words from magazines and paste them on a piece of poster board. That still works.

These days it's easy to find an image online and print it out. You could pin them on a corkboard if you wanted to move them around. Another idea is to combine word magnets and images to make one on your refrigerator.

Going the digital route makes the process much faster and easier. I have used Adobe software for a long time but I have found Canva to be my go-to for quick collages. There are so many images available, even with a free account.

With a digital vision board, you can print them either at home or at a print store, or make them into wallpaper for your phone, tablet, or desktop.

The Process

  1. Decide on your goal. This seems obvious, but vision boards can be used to get messages from your unconscious by choosing images and words without a goal. This is not that.
  2. Pick a mystical helper to build the collage around. That can be a deity, a crystal or some other sacred object, a tree or plant, a spirit guide or ascended master, etc. Be sure that whatever you choose fits your goal.
  3. Choose supportive images and words. Build out your collage with other images that enhance your goal. Your intuition and creativity come into play here. Definitely have fun with it because you want your RAS to associate your goal with happiness.

The Benefits of Making a Vision Board

  • It's fun. Making a vision board is an excuse to play around with images and words without it needing to be perfect.
  • It clears your vision. Deciding between pictures and words to illustrate your goal helps you better understand what you're after.
  • It gets your goal out of your head. A vision board is a bridge between wishing for something and taking the physical actions needed to do it. Sometimes you don't know where to start or it seems too big. A vision board allows your mind to break it down into smaller steps.
  • It's a visual reminder. Whether it's a physical vision board on your wall or a digital one on your phone, it helps you remember what you're working towards.
  • You can let go of the outcome. In order for the dream to come to life, it's necessary to stop thinking about it so much. The vision board is a way to keep it in mind without keeping it in your mind.

How Does a Vision Board Work?

I'm not a neuroscientist, so I don't know with absolute certainty how the brain works, but I know a little bit about the Reticular Activating System. The RAS is the part of the brain that sorts through all the thousands of bits of information that pass through us.

The RAS is influenced by what we consciously focus on. It acts as a lens through which we see the world. It's what's at work when we get interested in some new thing and suddenly we see it everywhere.

It isn't so much that something magically appears. It's that our RAS is now filtering all the information around us for that thing. It was there all along, we just weren't paying attention.

When you make a vision board that's a powerful way of telling your RAS to sort information for things that match the images and words on it

Read this article for some interesting ideas about the RAS, manifestation, and chakras.


If you're unfamiliar with the word “correspondences”, these are magical objects and deities that work well together for a specific purpose. Here are a few ideas of what kinds of images you could use.

Subject MatterAvatarCrystalHerb
Love AphroditeCarnelianRosemary
TravelArchangel RaphaelAmethystClover
Ideas for Vision Board Combinations

As a general rule, it helps if you already have some connection to the things you put on your board, but I think isn't quite the same as petitioning a saint or goddess. It's more like invoking their power to help you with your objective.

Vision Board for Wealth with the Celtic Goddes Áine.
Vision Board for Wealth with the Celtic Goddess Áine – Made in Canva

I made the board above on Canva. My ancestry is Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking, so I decided to go with the Celtic goddess Áine as the focus image for a board to attract money. She is sometimes seen as a red mare, and she is the goddess of midsummer.

If you've worked with Tarot you may be familiar with a card being chosen as an indicator around which the rest of the cards refer. That's how I think of the image of the “being of power”. It is central to the work you're trying to do with the board.

Then I focused on what I wanted to attract – money, which is represented by the cauldron. I chose the 4 leaf clover to combine good luck with prosperity.

I then added the green crystal image. Since I live in the U.S., green is associated with money, so that's why I chose a green crystal and an overall green theme.

There's only one word. Words are great but I guess I didn't want to limit the possibilities by adding words. It's a personal preference. I like to let my intuitive, imagery-based, self be free of the confinement words can cause at times.

Vision Boarding With a Magical Twist

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but if you are already familiar with magical practices you will already have a good idea of what types of images and words to use. If you aren't, trust your intuition. Start with research but let your heart take it from there. Good luck!

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