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Oracle Card Spread for Finding Your Passion

There is a core passion that we all have that is the thing that makes us feel the most alive. It’s easy to lose sight of it, however, when having to keep track of all the things in our lives.

Use the Cards to Uncover Your Passion for Life

It can be difficult to keep your purpose in focus when the details of daily living wrap tightly around you. This is a good time to let the cards tell you where to look to see where your motivation really lies.

Take Back the Reigns

I did a reading for someone wondering what to do next in her life. Her kids were grown and she had spent so much time driving their bus, so to speak, that she forgot how to drive her own. She had lost touch with her own ambition.

Identifying what your core passion is helps you take back the reigns and be in control of the direction you're going in.

Too Many Choices

The other problem people have in identifying their passion is that they are pulled in too many directions. They feel like they are running out of time and have to choose the best option to pursue. Overwhelm takes over and they can’t decide.

Use the Cards and Your Imagination

Pretend that the part of you that knows all about what you're passionate about is trying to get in touch with you. Imagine that they've been sending you e-mails about it but they've been ending up in the spam folder. This is where using oracle cards comes in.

Oracle cards are like an e-mail that's sent to you with a .zip file attached. You have to “unzip” the card in order to extract the deeper meaning. That's where your imagination comes in. Although each card usually has a specific meaning attached to it, you have to free associate and use your imagination to unpack it all.

The way you lay out the cards adds another layer of interpretation. The position of each card can be assigned a meaning. You take the information of the card and the position of it together to fine tune what it's trying to tell you.

The Finding Your Passion Oracle Card Spread

The card positions for the Find Your Passion Oracle Card Spread
The card layout.

This is a spread I devised to help you identify what your passion is. You already know but you may have never looked for it or lost sight of it.

  1. Your core passion.
  2. Your divine purpose.
  3. The magic you tap into.
  4. Your skill or talent.
  5. What balances you.

What Each Card Position Means

  1. Your Core Passion
    This card shows you that thing you do that makes you feel aligned from head to toe. Some people might consider passion to be what’s in your heart or, if you work with chakras, the sacral chakra. However, I see passion as the thing that aligns all the different parts of you.
  2. Your Divine Purpose
    Divine purpose is a calling, and it’s bigger than you. It’s what you are here to do for the planet. It’s the culmination of your family tree, your environment, and your physical existence. I use the word “divine” not in the sense of predestination, but because it’s a purpose that reaches far beyond your daily sphere of influence.
  3. The Magic You Tap Into
    This is an ability you have that seems to have magical results in your life. It seems sprinkled with fairy dust and it’s unique, like your fingerprint. It has a lot to do with possibilities and results that seem to just magically appear.
  4. Your Skill or Talent
    This card indicates the primary skill or talent you have that you use to support your passion. It’s probably something you’re aware of, you just hadn’t thought of it as having that much power.
  5. What Balances You
    If living your passion means firing on all cylinders, then knowing what keeps you in balance is a crucial part of being able to achieve that.

Sample Reading

Below is a sample reading. Read it as though it applies to you or someone you know. You may not relate to all of it, but I’m sure it’s at least partly applicable. I’m a firm believer in synchronicity, so I think everything we read is a “reading” of some sort.

Lenormand Cards

I’m using Lenormand cards for this sample card spread. I really like them because they are often more straightforward than Tarot. The interactions between the cards is more obvious to me. It’s possible to interpret them on many levels, but if I just want a quick answer, these are my go-to cards.

Sun Ring Mountain House Key Lenormand Cards

Card #1 – Your Core Passion

A Lenormand card depicting the Sun, a sign of good things to come.
Light up the World!

Sun: This card shows that what lights you up the most is bringing light into the world and empowering people to shine theirs. You can't help but raise the vibration of those around you. You want to pull people out of the darkness they feel they are in.

Card #2 – Your Divine Purpose

The Ring Lenormand card which stands for long term commitment.
You're in this for the duration.

Ring: Your divine purpose is your commitment to shining light into people’s hearts. This commitment goes beyond this lifetime. You are here specifically to bring the spiritual to the mundane and help humans evolve beyond violence. You were likely part of a religious order of holy people in past lives. You have moved beyond needing the power that comes with the influence of being a holy person. You don’t want to be seen as a guru but rather as a source of comfort.

Card #3 – The Magic You Tap Into

The Mountain Lenormand Card which represents an obstacle.
Nothing stops you.

Mountain: The mountain card usually means an obstacle of some sort. Since this card is placed in the position it is, it’s showing you what your secret power is that other people are in awe of. In this case, it’s how you manage to find ways to help other people’s obstacles disappear.

Another aspect of this card is about how you are persistent. It takes a lot of practice to tap into the magical side of life. There are a lot of obstacles planted in our minds from an early age designed to block our access to our ability to connect with the Divine. Keep pursuing your passion by continuing to climb the mountain, even when it seems too big. Remember to look back and see how far you’ve come.

Card #4 – Your Skill or Talent

The House Lenoromand card which represents security.
You Leave the Light On

House: Your main skill is that you are able to make people feel welcome and safe. That is how you bring light into the world. You help people feel at home in themselves and in turn, let their light shine through. It also indicates being grounded in reality and bringing Divine light into the real world, not escaping to it.

Card #5 – What Balances You

The Lenormand Key Card which indicates an answer of some kind.
Change Your Focus

Key: This card represents how you can stay balanced when the everyday demands on you conflict with what you know, deep down, you are here to do. In this case, the key signifies that you should work on remembering the big picture. Zoom your consciousness out so that you’re not so focused on something that it gives you stress.

Try It Yourself

Get out your cards and give this reading a spin. If you don’t have cards to use, try keeping the meanings of the positions of the cards in your mind for a few days. Watch for random, unusual things to catch your eye as you go about your day. In the end it’s all about symbols. Look for them and learn how to interpret them.

Questions About Reading Oracle Cards

Which Deck Should I Use?

You can use either a Tarot or Oracle card deck. Tarot decks are usually based on the same basic set of 78 cards, where Oracle cards can be anything.

What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards?

A deck of Tarot cards is usually based on a specific format, although there’s a lot more variation these days. Usually, though, it consists of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Oracle cards, on the other hand, can have any number of cards and any format or theme.

I don’t have all the meanings memorized. Can I use the cards anyway?

Yes. I think that a large part of the card's magic is that they help you tap into hidden parts of your Self. You can do that by free-associating with what you see in the images.

What makes the cards work?

I believe that we all have all the answers we need if we can just find them. The cards help us see them. In fact, the answers may seem so obvious you’ll think you’re doing it wrong.

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