Soul Purpose Meaning

Soul purpose and life purpose are often used interchangeably. I do soul purpose readings and to me, they are two distinct things. Although the meaning of a soul purpose overlaps with life purpose, there are some differences.

What is Soul Purpose?

Let’s first define the soul, at least how I see it when I use my intuition to connect with people. The soul is greater than this lifetime. It’s part of your body but it expands far beyond your physical reality.

What’s Life Purpose?

Life purpose is what you are trying to do in this lifetime. It’s more specific and action oriented. Environment and life events have a lot to do with shaping it.

The soul purpose is about the big picture. It has recurring themes but it would be impossible to do everything your soul has the potential to do. The life purpose, then, includes particular actions your soul wants to do in this lifetime.

Sometimes when you feel lost and disconnected you’ve lost touch with your soul purpose. This is especially true if you feel like you are living your purpose but something seems missing.

What is a Calling?

A calling is what you feel when you tap into that soul purpose. It can translate into something you want to accomplish in life. If you’ve ever been open to what your soul is trying to tell you, you know that a calling can come to you in an Aha! Moment.

A list to define soul purpose meaning.
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The Soul Purpose Has More Oomph

When people have a spiritual awakening they describe feeling connected to everything in the universe at once. That’s when you’ve connected with your soul. The soul is beyond our ability to comprehend.

Soul Is Connected to the Heart

When you’re motivated by your heart you are linked to your soul. Your life purpose is associated with the heart, too, but it’s often much more of a mental thing.

The idea that the left and right parts of the brain operate independently of each other is not entirely accurate, but it’s a useful model for showing the difference between mental (life) and heart (soul) centered motivation. Soul is the right brain, then, and life purpose is left brain.

In the end it’s about different degrees of connection. From the soul’s perspective everything is interconnected. Your life is connected to what is around you and things in the world that affect you in some way. Soul is macroscopic, life is microscopic.

Soul or Life Purpose in Action

Let’s say you are a volunteer at the local nursing home. You feel it’s your mission to help the elderly not feel lonely so you spend time with them. This may have grown out of you watching aging family members feel isolated as they got older.

That you want to help people feel connected would indicate that it’s part of your soul purpose because the soul is primarily about connection. Your life experience with people dealing with loneliness as they age helps mold your life purpose.

You have always been involved in music and want to start a community choir. The desire to do so bubbles up from your heart. Much of your life has been spent in musical training even though you’re not a professional.

Music is how the soul communicates. This is an instance of being connected to and acting from the soul from an early age. The soul, then, has been directing what you’re drawn to in life. Although you may not be expressing your soul purpose through the work you do to generate income – your vocation – that may not be the point.

Soul purpose and what you do for money don’t always synchronize. That causes people to suffer from feeling out of sync with their own life. You can follow your soul’s whispers to make a living, but it’s not always a straightforward process.

Connecting with Your Soul Purpose

Meditate to Get Glimpses of Your Soul Purpose

In order to be able to hear the soul, you need to be able to slow down your mind. The most common way to do this is to practice some form of meditation. Think of it as giving yourself time to reboot your brain.

You can find a formal meditation practice if that feels natural to you. But have you ever found yourself just staring off into space without thinking about anything in particular? That’s meditation. It’s not those times when you’re so deep in thought that the world around you disappears. For me it happens when I watch leaves flutter in the breeze. My dad used to call it “floating”.

Listen to Music to Bring Your Soul to the Surface

As mentioned before, listening to music is a good way to connect with your soul. You just may not have thought of it that way before. Everybody knows music has soul, but maybe not in the way I’m defining it here, as a way to tap into an almost infinite part of themselves.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be what you think of as calm, meditative music, either. Whatever sets your soul on fire is where the clues are as to what your soul is trying to tell you. If it’s angry music, how can you find the greater purpose behind the lyrics?

Your Heart is the Gateway to Your Soul Purpose

The Difference Between Soul and Spirit

Let me stop here to say that I see a difference between soul and spirit. The soul has to do with emotions of all kinds and the evolution of them. The spirit is at a higher level of consciousness. It’s beyond the emotional stuff.

With that in mind, I can’t say for sure that the soul’s purpose is always going to be love and light only. It encompasses all emotions. Spirit is generally that love and light frequency, but it is also beyond comprehension, not only with our minds but also our emotions.

Use Creativity to Connect to Your Soul Purpose

I’ve already mentioned music, but things like art and writing are also ways the soul gets it’s voice into the world. Being creative can help you understand your raison d’etre in two ways: it gets you into a meditative state and it shows you what’s in your heart and soul.

The Soul Speaks in Symbols

The soul is talking to you about your purpose when you are drawn to the same subject matter over and over again. That’s why creative pursuits can be a way to find out what your soul wants, because they work with symbols.

But, in the same way that meditation can be something you already do but weren’t aware of, you collect symbols around you all the time. It can be the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the movies you watch, and so on. Everything you are drawn to (and draw to you) is a piece of the puzzle that is your soul purpose.

In Summary

The soul purpose extends beyond this lifetime and includes ancestors and past and future lives. The soul itself is timeless. It influences your life but is not exactly the same as your life purpose. Life purpose has more to do with the circumstances of this lifetime.

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