When you have to make a choice and just can't decide, try divination.

Use Oracle Cards to Make Decisions

Have you ever tried using an intuitive tool, such as Oracle cards, to make a decision? When logic doesn’t help you choose between one thing and another, it can help you think outside the box.

How Oracle Cards Help Make Up Your Mind

  • Shut Out Distracting Ideas
    • Sometimes the main obstacle to making a decision is having too many ideas. You think of all the possibilities and can’t pick one. Using a card gives you a point of focus.
  • Discover Your Hidden Motivations
    • When you can’t use logic to make a decision, no matter how hard you try, it’s time to look at what your hidden motivators are. These are the beliefs and emotions lurking in your subconscious. It can look like self sabotage, because no matter what your mind says, you can’t move forward. The cards can help you see what’s working against you.
  • Tap Into Your Intuition
    • Oracle cards are usually viewed as a way to use your intuition. Similar to your motivations, your intuition is knowledge that’s tucked away in your subconscious mind. Your mind constantly takes in data that we are not aware of. The card can help you pull all this data together, seemingly out of nowhere.

Examples of Using Oracle Cards to Make a Choice

I can explain this process to you, but I’d rather show you. Below are some scenarios that show how you could use the cards in this way.

Example #1: Deciding Between Two Job Offers

In this example, someone has been applying for jobs. They’ve interviewed at two companies and received offers from both. The first company pays much better, but something just felt off when they went for the interview.

The Snake card represents deception.

When they get home, they get out their Lenormand oracle cards and pull a card to represent each company. First up is the Snake card, which, as you might think, is not a good sign. Although the snake isn’t always negative, 80% of the time it is. It means malicious, backstabbing behavior. That’s definitely your subconscious telling you to watch out for a negative social environment at this company.

The Tower card in the Lenormand deck is about stability and institutions.

Next up is the Tower. The Tower card in the Lenormand deck is different from the Tower in the Tarot deck. Unlike a Tarot Tower card, the Lenormand Tarot card is a sign of stability and structure. (If you don’t know, the Tower means sudden destruction and/or transformation in Tarot.)

The company with the Tower card is clearly a better choice than the company with the Snake card if you’re looking for a stable environment. However, it could be rigid and bureaucratic. There will be less drama, however, because there will be systems in place to prevent it.

Let’s say our person wants more money AND likes the thrill of gossip. Then company #1 is the better choice, according to their subconscious motivations. But if they want to avoid that at all costs, they will want to choose the second company.

Which Decision Should You Make?

If you’re an impulsive person, you could make your decision based on these cards. If it’s a complete toss-up, letting the cards decide for you is certainly an option. Or you could take this information and investigate to see if you can find out how the Snake and the Tower are showing up at these companies.

If you choose the more “negative” option – maybe money is the most important factor – you will go into it knowing you should watch your back. You may even want to consider this job a temporary solution while looking for something better.

Example #2: Purchase Decisions

In this example, someone has a washing machine that still works, but isn’t running as it should. They see there’s an amazing sale for the next week, but they don’t have the money to pay for that right now. They could use credit, but they’ve been trying to lower their debt.

Logic (and a financial advisor) would tell them to use the old washer as long as possible, and try to keep bringing down their debt. But this person can’t stop thinking about it. Does not having to worry about whether the washer suddenly quits working at an inconvenient time outweigh worrying about incurring more debt.

The Reading

The Flower Card represents a gift of some kind.

Calling on their intuition, they pick two cards, one for keeping the old washing machine and the other for buying a new one. The first card is the Flowers card, which stands for a gift. It’s a positive card.

It’s interesting, because you’d think it would be a good card to symbolize a new washer. But in this case, it means the one they already have is a gift. It could also have been literally a gift. That shows an emotional attachment to it. That could be a problem or not.

The second card is the Fox card. Like the snake card above, it is usually a warning of some kind. In this case, it’s clearly saying that this person would be fooling themselves to think that going deeper into debt would be a good idea. It’s also a message to pay some attention to the part of themselves that gets a thrill out of gambling on things.

Is in many folk tales around the world, the fox in the Lenormand deck is interpreted as a trickster.

The Fox card is very cunning. Depending on the situation, the card could say this is a time for you to use all your creativity to come up with a plan that defies logic. But I think in this instance it’s a clear sign not to do that. That will be a subconscious issue the person will be working against. It’s like a devil sitting on your shoulder, telling you to go for it when it’s not a good idea.

If the cards were not so obvious, more cards could be drawn to further explain the original cards drawn. That, though, is sometimes the Fox at work. Overthinking is already the primary reason a decision can’t be made.

Using Oracle Cards for Yes or No Answers

I’ve read articles with people saying not to use Oracle cards for this, but I use them that way all the time. I think the problem comes when people don’t use their common sense and make a decision purely based on whether the cards say yes or no.

It’s best to use the cards to show you what you already know to be true, but you can’t see it at that moment.

As you can see from the examples above, those answers were basically yes or no, but instead of asking yes or no for each thing, a card was pulled to show yes or no directly. The intent was also slightly different. Those card draws were looking for more general information to help guide the decision-making process.

Sometimes, though, you just want a straight yes or no answer.

Let’s say you want to use the cards to tell you whether your spouse cheats you. I know that’s a popular way to use divination. If I felt in my gut that they were having an affair and couldn’t get past it, I would pull out the cards to give me a yes or no answer so that I could investigate further.

Let’s get into an example of that.

Can the Cards Tell You If They're Cheating?

A woman wonders if her partner is seeing someone else on the sly. She feels in her heart and her gut that their partner has detached from her in some way. She just wants to know yes or no at this point. This is not a direct example of having to make a decision. It's a pre-decision situation. The underlying question is whether they should stay together.

The Lenormand cards are particularly good for yes or no answers, because they generally have a clear positive, negative or neutral connotation. You can use any cards, but if you’re a beginner, they’re clear.

The Man card indicates the querent feels the need to make a decision about whether to stay with her partner.

Our querent pulls a card and gets the Man card. If the partner is male oriented, then this card represents him. If the partner is female oriented, then I might consider this card the other love interest. That’s getting complicated, though, so let’s stick with the partner is male for this example.

In this case, it’s the cards’ way of telling you that you’re on the right “channel”. It’s confirmation of what your question is about. You should draw another card, then, to get to the yes or no.

The Child card is a positive card in the Lenormand divination deck.

The next card is the Child. This is a positive card. With this type of question, though, a positive card means no, and a negative card means yes. Think about it this way: a no answer would be positive in the querent’s life, and vice versa.

Therefore, the Child card would indicate that the partner is not involved with someone else. It does give clues as to what’s going on, though. Here are some other questions that they could ask based on what the Child card means.

Questions to Consider

  • Is the partner in a creative cycle? Maybe they’re not being obvious about it, but their mind is filled with creating something.
  • Do they have some childhood issues they’re working through and not talking about?
  • Sometimes the Lenormand are very literal. The Child card could mean the partner wants to have a child, but doesn’t know how to bring it up.

Try It Yourself

Using oracle cards to make decisions isn't the most conventional method for making choices, but it is a good way to get our of your head and see things differently. Just remember not to overthink it. The first decision that comes into your mind is probably the right one.

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